Things Change...

 It was fun, but nothing lasts forever...

The core organizing team of Lessons in Leadership have decided that 2014 will be a transitional year. Following our seventh annual Main Event this past February, for which more than 1,600 people registered to hear Harry (The FISH Guy) Paul as our featured speaker, the team reviewed the Lessons in Leadership concept and decided it has run it's natural course.

2014 will be the time for either a significant change in energy and direction, or the sunset year for what has been a remarkable ride.

The beauty (and challenge) of Lessons in Leadership is that the concept does not fit easily into the framework of most existing organizations. It was always intended to be a "gift" to the community, with no expectation of raising money (even though it did have an impressive record of generating revenues that exceeded expenses). It was never a fundraising event, and never attracted (nor solicited) sponsorships or financial support of any kind. Those companies and organizations who were with us from the start understood and appreciated the difference.

The keys to the success of Lessons in Leadership were the skills, devotion and dedication of the people responsible for coaxing and cajoling some world-class speakers to come to town for free, organizing the event itself, operating the registration and logistics systems, marketing and promoting each event, and ensuring that we stayed true to the vision.

No small task.

So, if someone comes forward with a winning plan to take Lessons in Leadership to a new place, they will have our support and our blessing. If not, 2014 will be our sunset year.

The website, email address ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and Facebook page will go offline by December, but our name and brand will remain in the collective memory as something very special that a small group of dedicated people was able to achieve with the support of their community.

What a terrific legacy!